Western Invasives Network



The Western Invasives Network is open to all organizations and individuals who are concerned about invasive weeds and other invasive species of concern in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington. This includes federal, state, county, and city agencies, as well as weed districts, non-profit organizations, businesses, educational institutions and concerned individuals.

Any individual or organization that is concerned with the spread of invasive weeds can join. It costs nothing to join, there is no obligation, and those who wish to leave the WIN need only submit a letter asking to be taken off the membership list.

 WIN provides its members with great networking and non-formal learning opportunities.  Shown above are member partners from the Benton County Cooperative Weed Management Area.  See CWMA's for more information.

The benefits of joining WIN include:

  • the opportunity to meet others concerned with invasive species;
  • sharing expertise and effective weed management strategies at our meetings and field trips;
  • receiving notices of employment opportunities;
  • free handouts/posters; and
  • participation in a list-serve in which you can post those hard to answer weed management questions!