What We Do

What We Do

Cascade Pacific provides fiscal sponsorship and non-profit management services for groups, agencies, organizations, and other non-profits. We fill a valuable fiscal role that allows these groups to focus on expanding their capacity, attract funding and accomplish their work on the ground. Our clients and partners encompass a wide range of groups and activities including: agriculture and local food markets; water utilities around watershed protection efforts; restoration work with watershed councils; forest restoration with USFS Stewardship Contracting; invasive weed management; and similar work.

Our services include helping facilitate collaborative partnerships to organizations and groups to achieve synergistic outcomes that mutually satisfy our respective missions.

Cascade Pacific has over 25 years of experience.  We sponsor, host and/or provide fiscal administrative for the programs, projects or partnerships listed below.  Click below for more information about these programs.


Cascade Pacific RC&D provides fiscal and administrative services to a variety of groups and organizations.  We have a long history of supporting local communities by serving as a Fiscal Sponsor for resource conservation, habitat restoration and community development projects around the state. As a Fiscal Sponsor, we provide financial and human resource management services to groups, organizations and coalitions that are engaged in social, economic, educational and environmental activities that align with our mission. Please visit our Fiscal Sponsor page for more information and here for a list of our current fiscal clients and sponsored projects. 


In partnership with the Siuslaw National Forest (SNF) and others, Cascade Pacific facilitates forest stewardship through the Siuslaw Collaborative Watershed Restoration Program. A large number of partners including SNF, CPRCD, Watershed Councils, Soil & Water Conservation Districts, Tribes, non-profit groups and others collaborate on forest restoration efforts on the SNF and surrounding lands. CPRCD manages the Stewardship Fund which supports watershed restoration projects in the Alsea, Hebo, Marys Peak, and Siuslaw Stewardship areas. CPRCD is currently involved with the McKenzie Stewardship Group in efforts to implement Stewardship Contracting on the Willamette National Forest. Please visit our Stewardship website for more information.


The Pure Water Partners (PWP) Program is an initiative designed to reward McKenzie landowners who protect high quality land along the river, assisting EWEB in protecting water quality and helping to avoid future water treatment costs. PWP provides annual payments, technical assistance and/or other incentives to participating landowners. It also helps to connect landowners who wish to engage in restoration projects on their land with technical and financial assistance. Landowners with small residential lots may participate in the PWP Naturescaping Pathway. Landowners with more than an acre or two may be eligible for the PWP Protection or Restoration Pathway. Program partners include the Eugene Water & Electric Board, Cascade Pacific Resource Conservation & Development, McKenzie Watershed Council, McKenzie River Trust, Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission, Upper Willamette Soil & Water Conservation District, University of Oregon, and the US Forest Service.


WIN is an informal network of individuals, organizations, and agencies concerned with rural and urban invasive weed issues in northwestern Oregon and southwestern Washington. WIN partners include members from Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Watershed Councils, Native American Tribes, Schools (universities, public school districts, private institutions, etc.),  and Local, State, and Federal Government Departments (Agriculture, Parks & Recreation, Public Works/Transportation, Fish/Wildlife, Forestry & other natural resource agencies).