Siuslaw Collaborative Watershed Restoration Program

Siuslaw Collaborative Watershed Restoration Program

The Siuslaw Collaborative Watershed Restoration Program (SCRWP) is a Forest Stewardship cooperative collaboration since 2002 between:

-Cascade Pacific RC&D;
-the Siuslaw National Forest; and
-other partners including Watershed Councils, Soil & Water Conservation Districts, Landowners, non-profit groups, etc.

The Siuslaw Collaborative promotes whole watershed restoration from headwaters to estuaries through implementation of projects that provide both economic and ecological benefits to improve forest health, water quality, fish and wildlife habitat and local communities. The partnership manages the Stewardship Fund which funds watershed restoration projects located in the Alsea, Hebo, Marys Peak, Siuslaw and Smith-Dunes-Umpqua Stewardship areas. These funds are the result of the retained receipts generated through stewardship contracting authority, which authorizes the use of federal timber income to improve national forests and nearby lands through local restoration projects such as invasive weed control, riparian planting, wetland restoration, road decommissioning and fish & wildlife habitat improvements such as snag creation and in-stream log placement.

Visit the SCRWP website for more information.