Forest Stewardship

McKenzie Watershed Stewardship Group

McKenzie Watershed Stewardship Group

The McKenzie Watershed Stewardship Group (MWSG) is a group of diverse stakeholders that formed in 2014 with the common goal of enhancing ecological functions within the McKenzie Watershed and promoting the economic viability of local communities.

The MWSG is a forum for information sharing, coordinated planning and collaboration around common restoration goals. This forum enables early identification of potential opportunities or concerns about planned forest management activities on the McKenzie River Ranger District of the WNF.


EWEB has been working with a number of partners and the Willamette National Forest to initiate a ‘stewardship contracting’ group in the McKenzie watershed. Stewardship contracting allows the Forest Service to enter into long-term contracts to meet land-management objectives, such as reducing wildfire risk and improving forest health. Stewardship contracts on timber sales in the McKenzie watershed would allow the funds generated from the sale to remain in the watershed to fund other restoration work (such as culvert removal, large wood placement, road decommissioning) instead of going to the General Treasury. This can both promote forest restoration projects as well as support local communities.


The MWSG meetings are held monthly on the second Monday of the month from 2:30-4:30pm at EWEB’s downtown Eugene location.

Upcoming Meeting: February 10, 2020

EWEB Conference Room
500 E. 4th Ave
Eugene, Oregon

Organizational Structure

For more information about the MWSG download their Operating Agreement which describes the group's structure, guiding principals, roles and responsibilities of the members and desired watershed restoration project outcomes

Partners and Members

The MWSG partners with Willamette National Forest and others (see below) to use stewardship contracting and other innovative tools that support priority ecosystem restoration projects. MWSG current members include:

  • Cascade Pacific RC&D
  • Eugene Water & Electric Board
  • McKenzie River Trust
  • McKenzie Watershed Council
  • Oregon Dept of Forestry
  • Upper Willamette Soil & Water Conservation District
  • Willamette National Forest, McKenzie River Ranger District
  • Whitewater Forests LLC

Stewardship Project Documents

Exhibit 2: Licenses and Landowner Agreements
Exhibit 3: Oregon Prevailing Wage Rate Laws
Exhibit 4: Contract Officer-Authorized Signer Designation
Exhibit 5: Check Request Form
Exhibit 6: Expenditure Tracking for Check Request and Annual Reports
Exhibit 7: Progress Report Form
Exhibit 8: Final Report Form
Exhibit 9: Final Match Expenditures Report Form
Exhibit 10: Post Implementation Monitoring Report Form
Exhibit 11: Vendor Payment Policy

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2020 Meeting Agendas

January 13

February 10

2020 Meeting Notes

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Contact information

Trisha Maxfield, MWSG Facilitator
541 914-2001