Western Invasives Network

Additional Resources

Additional Resources

WIN Quarterly Newsletters

Cascade Pacific RC&D WIN Coordinator Troy Abercrombie, is now providing a quarterly newsletter!  Click the pdf below to read about new and interesting happening in noxious weed control.

WIN Quarterly Spring 2020

WIN Quarterly Summer 2020

WIN Quarterly Autumn 2020

WIN Quarterly Winter 2021

WIN Quarterly Spring 2021

WIN Quarterly Summer 2021

WIN Quarterly Autumn 2021

WIN Quarterly Winter 2022

WIN Quarterly Spring 2022

Best Management Practices from Columbia Gorge CWMA

The above link provides BMP’s for 25 species of invasive plants, with a focus on IPM principles.

Oregon iMapInvasives Resources

iMapInvasives is an international GIS-based online platform for collecting, managing, and sharing invasive species data. Oregon iMapInvasives is available for free to all resource managers and interested citizens. The iMapInvasives network is a consortium of programs in several US states and a Canadian province.  Here in Oregon, Cascade Pacific has partnered with Portland State University to fiscally sponsor the Oregon iMapInvasives. 

Oregon adopted the iMapInvasives program to support early detection and rapid response efforts throughout the state and to provide a standardized, accessible site for sharing plant and animal sightings amongst the many groups that collect invasive species data. The Oregon iMap program is supported by annual subscriptions from partner organizations. As part of your subscription you will receive a copy of the statewide iMapInvasives dataset, and ensure that the iMap service remains available to all Oregonians.

Please contact iMap Site Manager Lindsey Wise at PSU for questions about how to use iMap and WIN Coordinator Troy Abercrombie for questions about how to apply for a subscription. To learn more about iMap Resources click on the links below.

iMap Resources website: https://sites.google.com/site/orimapresources/home

iMap public map (species distribution): https://imap.natureserve.org/

iMap login: https://imap.natureserve.org/imap/login.jsp

Weed Awareness Flyers

Customizable templates available upon request. Please contact WIN Coordinator at weeds@cascadepacific.org

Other Invasives Efforts & Resources in Oregon and Washington

CWMA Cookbook

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Guide for Controlling Common Weeds - matrix

Oregon Invasive Species Hotline (for reporting early detection species)

Oregon Department of Agriculture: About Noxious Weed Control

Weed Mapper (maps noxious weeds in Oregon)

Washington Noxious Weed Control Board

Oregon Invasive Species Council